Amiable Charlatan (version 2) cover

Amiable Charlatan (version 2)

Edward Phillips Oppenheim (1866-1946)

1. Chapter I - The Man at Stephano's
2. Chapter II - The Coup in the Gambling Den
3. Chapter III - Cullen Gives Advice
4. Chapter IV - The Wooing of Eve
5. Chapter V - Mr. Samuelson
6. Chapter VI - The Party at the Milan
7. Chapter VII - "One of Us"
8. Chapter VIII - At the Alhambra
9. Chapter IX - The Exposure
10. Chapter X - A Broken Partnership
11. Chapter XI - Mr. Bundercombe's Wink
12. Chapter XII - The Emancipation of Louis
13. Chapter XIII - "The Shorn Lamb"
14. Chapter XIV - Mr. Bundercombe's Love Affair
15. Chapter XV - Lord Porthoning's Lesson

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    A lively adventure of a father-daughter con team enjoying themselves in Edwardian London.



    - An-Amiable-Charlatan-by-E-Phillips-Oppenheim

    Good story not his best but worth a listen, various readers who all do a decent job.