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#1 - 01 - Navy Ships

The U-Boat Hunters

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Download 08 - The Doctor Takes Charge audio
Download 09 - The 343 Stays up audio
Download 10 - The Cargo Boats audio
Download 11 - Flotilla Humor -- At Sea audio
Download 12 - Flotilla Humor -- Ashore audio
Download 13 - The Unquenchable Destroyer Boys audio
Download 14 - The Marines Have Landed audio
Download 15 - The Navy As A Career audio
Download 16 - The Sea Babies audio
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The author takes the listener on a tour of various ships used in WW1. He discusses the boats and the seamen who occupy them and their encounters with the German U-boats. It is a collection of short stories, each one complete, about them all. The author was also an Olympic athlete; winning a bronze, silver and gold medal in the Athens Olympics of 1896 and a silver in the Paris games of 1900.

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