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The Tragedy of King Richard II, by William Shakespeare, is the first of the history series that continues with Parts 1 and 2 of King Henry IV and with The Life of King Henry V. At the beginning of the play, Richard II banishes his cousin Henry Bolingbroke from England. Bolingbroke later returns with an army and the support of some of the nobility, and he deposes Richard. Richard is separated from his beloved Queen, imprisoned, and later murdered. By the end of the play, Bolingbroke has been crowned King Henry IV.

Audio edited by J. M. Smallheer and John Gonzalez.

Narration, Keeper, and Lord – read by Annie Coleman
King Richard II and First Servant – read by Peter Yearsley
Northumberland and Gaunt – read by Chip
Bolingbroke – read by Kayvan Sylvan
Aumerle – read by John Gonzalez
Henry Percy – read by Michael Sirois
York – read by Martin Clifton
Mowbray – read by Mark F. Smith
Surrey and Willoughby – read by Nikolle Doolin
Salisbury – read by David Barnes
Bushy and Carlisle – read by Cecelia Prior
Bagot, Abbot, Scroop, and Exton – read by Linton
Green – read by deadwhitemales
Queen Isabel – read by Joy Chan
Duchess of York – read by Kristen McQuillin
Berkeley – read by Rainer
Ross – read by Mr. Baby Man
Fitzwater and Groom – read by Sean McKinley
Marshal – read by Lenny Glionna Jr.
Captain and First Herald – read by Hugh Mac
Duchess of Gloucester – read by Gesine
Lady – read by Maureen S. O’Brien
Gardener, Second Herald, and Second Servant – read by Kara Shallenberg

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