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#1 - 00: Introductory Note


Download 00: Introductory Note audio
Download 01: I – Thoughts on Mind and on Style audio
Download 02: II – The Misery of Man without God, part 1 audio
Download 03: II – The Misery of Man without God, part 2 audio
Download 04: III – Of the Necessity of the Wager audio
Download 05: IV – Of the Means of Belief audio
Download 06: V – Justice and the Reason of Effects audio
Download 07: VI – The Philosophers audio
Download 08: VII – Morality and Doctrine, part 1 audio
Download 09: VII – Morality and Doctrine (part 2) audio
Download 10: VII – Morality and Doctrine, part 3 audio
Download 11: VIII – The Fundamentals of the Christian Religion audio
Download 12: IX – Perpetuity audio
Download 13: X – Typology audio
Download 14: XI – The Prophecies, Part 1 audio
Download 15: XI – The Prophecies, part 2 audio
Download 16: XII – Proofs of Jesus Christ audio
Download 17: XIII – The Miracles audio
Download 18: XIV – Appendix: Polemical Fragments audio

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Pascal’s Pensées is widely considered to be a masterpiece, and a landmark in French prose. When commenting on one particular section (Thought #72), Sainte-Beuve praised it as the finest pages in the French language. Will Durant, in his 11-volume, comprehensive The Story of Civilization series, hailed it as “the most eloquent book in French prose.” In Pensées, Pascal surveys several philosophical paradoxes: infinity and nothing, faith and reason, soul and matter, death and life, meaning and vanity—seemingly arriving at no definitive conclusions besides humility, ignorance, and grace. Rolling these into one he develops Pascal’s Wager.

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