Country Doctor cover

Country Doctor

Sarah Orne Jewett (1849-1909)

1. The Last Mile
2. The Farm-house Kitchen
3. At Jake and Martin's
4. Life and Death
5. A Sunday Visit
6. In Summer Weather
7. For the Years to Come
8. A Great Change
9. At Dr. Leslie's
10. Across the Street
11. New Outlooks
12. Against the Wind
13. A Straight Course
14. Miss Prince of Dunport
15. Hostess and Guest
16. A June Sunday
17. By the River
18. A Serious Tea-drinking
19. Friend and Lover
20. Ashore and Afloat
21. At Home Again

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    A Country Doctor is a fiction novel by American author Sarah Orne Jewett. The book, which was first published in 1884, was based on the relationship between Jewett and her physician father. The main character of A Country Doctor, Nan, is a young woman who encounters much strife when she decides to go against the traditional values of the day and become a doctor. The book has been listed as an example of the shift in the perception of the role of women in society, with the main character of Nan choosing to pursue her career in medicine rather than a marriage and family


    Suzanne kennedy

    - The Gray Mills of Farley

    I thought the book The Gray Mills of Farley was excellent a brilliant story. The Narrator read the book with strength and was very clear as he spoke. I like the way the chapter's are read in short burst at a time your mind dosnt drift off after a while. I give it all 5 star's. only a slight problem it was a shame the story kept cutting out part from that very enjoyable. Thank you.


    My, what a short book! I was waiting to hear what was going to happen next and it was over! Enjoyed it, of course, or I wouldn't have be looking forward to the next part.