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Albert, a handsome French pirate, and his crew get shipwrecked on a barren, rocky island after a severe storm. They encounter another pair of castaways who reveal a quite unusual secret- yet another strange group of people inhabit the island. Albert soon learns that these people are actually an Amazonian-like tribe of women, and proposes an alliance for the benefit of both parties. Love and hijinks ensue in a battle of the sexes.

Notable for imitating many elements of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, the collaborators also consulted nonfictional traveler's accounts to bring their vision to life. Frequently re-envisioned by other playwrights and performed with considerable popularity, it is now considered a fascinating play in that it highlights the Jacobean excitement over colonialism and their attitudes towards it. (Summary by Wikipedia and Mary Kay)

Dramatis Personae
Albert: ToddHW
Tibalt du Pont: Kristin Gjerløw
Master of the Ship: Joseph Tabler
Lamure: Rob Board
Franville: John Burlinson
Morillat: Dillon McFarlane
Boatswain: alanmapstone
Sebastian: Zames Curran
Nicusa: Hamlet
Raymond: John Burlinson
Surgeon: Availle
First Sailor: TriciaG
Second Sailor: Elizabeth Klett
Aminta: KHand
Rosella: Beth Thomas
Clarinda: Sarah Terry
Hippolita: Elizabeth Klett
Crocale: April Walters
Juletta: Mary Kay
Narrated by alanmapstone

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