Audiobook: Phantom of the Opera (version 3 dramatic reading)

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Phantom of the Opera (version 3 dramatic reading)

1 - Prologue


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Over the years, strange things have been happening at the Paris Opéra House. The new owners, M. Moncharmin and M. Richard don't know what to do about the mysterious "Opera Ghost" demanding money, nor the tragic death of the chief scene-shifter. Now the young Soprano, Christine Daae, has been kidnapped and her lover, the Vicomte de Chagny, is going mad. The opera house is falling to pieces. Could this all be the work of the mysterious Phantom of the Opera? (Summary by Charlotte Duckett)

Narrator/Jammes: Libby Gohn
General D--: Jason Mills
Sorelli: Grace
Meg Giry: Eden Rea-Hedrick
A little ballerina: Lyn Silva
Joseph Buquet/Erik, the Phantom of the Opera/Gabriel: ToddHW
Mrs. Jammes/Mme. Maniera/Young Christine/A friend of Carlotta's: Scheherazade
M. Moncharmin: Chris Marcellus
Philippe, the Comte de Chagny: Lani Small
Mercier: John Trevithick
Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny: mb
The doctor/Daddy Daae/The valet/Remy/Darius: Wupperhippo
Christine Daae: Charlotte Duckett
A workman: Ernst Pattynama
M. Debienne: Elizabeth Klett
M. Poligny/Servant: Ric F
M. Richard: Oxenhandler
M. Mifroid: Chuck Williamson
M. Maniera/Doorkeeper/Young Raoul/Lachenel: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Mme. Giry: Amanda Friday
Fonta: Alan Mapstone
Carlotta: CaprishaPage
Landlady: April Gonzales
Stage Manager: David Lawrence
Mme. Valerius: Arielle Lipshaw
The Persian: Algy Pug

Audio edited by: Charlotte Duckett

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