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National Geographic Magazine Vol. 05

1 - Discoverers of America - Part 1


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National Geographic Magazine Volume 5, articles published in 1893. Contents:

Discoverers of America: Annual Address by the President, Gardiner G. Hubbard
The Movements of our Population
Rainfall Types of the United States: Annual Report by Vice-President General A. W. Greely
The Natural Bridge of Virginia
The geographical Position and Height of Mount Saint Elias
The Improvement of Geographical Teaching
An undiscovered Island off the northern Coast of Alaska
The Geologist at Blue Mountain, Maryland
The great populous Centers of the World
Our youngest Volcano
Proceedings of the International Geographic Conference in Chicago, July 27-28, 1893:
* The Relations of Air and Water to Temperature and Life
* The Relations of Geography to History
* Norway and the Vikings
* Geographic Instruction in the public Schools
* The Relations of Geology to Physiography in our educational System
* The Relations of the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current
* The arid Regions of the United States
* Recent Explorations in Alaska
* The Caravels of Columbus
* In the Wake of Columbus
* Recent Disclosures concerning pre-Columbian Voyages to America in the Archives of the Vatican
* Early Voyages along the northwestern Coast of America

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