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1 - Mr. Jones of Castle Morony


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Near Galway, young Florian Jones has just converted to Catholicism when he witnesses the deliberate destruction of his English father’s land by the Catholic Landleaguers. The Irish Land War has commenced, with the boycotting of wealthy landowners and a brutal chain of revenge killings. This is the story of Florian, his father, his two beautiful sisters, his adult brother Frank, and Frank’s beloved Rachel, an American singer working the London stage with her firebrand father. It’s also the story of the social order coming apart and then painfully coming back together in one Irish county. The Landleaguers was Anthony Trollope’s last book and was not completed before he died in 1882, but proceeds far enough to be a touching and engrossing story and to leave the reader pretty certain of the outcome. - Summary by Angie

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