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The adventures of Tyltyl and The Fairy Berylune. Of all the girls he knows who does he love the most. Read on to find out. - Summary by Michele Eaton **Cast List:** Gaffer Tyl: [Alan Mapstone]( Neighbour: [Alan Mapstone]( The Miser: [Algy Pug]( Jalline: [Annie Mars]( Aimette: [Belinda Loveday]( Roselle: [Matea Bracic]( Child: [Jenn Broda]( Belline/Child: [Joanna Michal Hoyt]( The Great Ancestor/Daddy Tyl: [Wayne Cooke]( Mummy Tyl: [Sonia]( Rosarelle: [Kelly S Taylor]( Mytyl: [Lauren-Emma Blake]( Light: [Lydia]( Narrator: [MichaelMaggs]( Milette: [Minnie]( Smallest Child: [Mira Williams]( Another Child 1: [Jim Locke]( The Shape/Destiny: [Andrew Gaunce]( Beryllune the Fairy: [Owlivia]( A Child: [Pelham Flowerdew]( Tyltyl: [David Purdy]( Oldest Child: [ToddHW]( The Phantom/Joy: [Michelle Purdy]( Granny Tyltyl: [Michele Eaton](
You are listening Betrothal by Maurice Maeterlinck.
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