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Another tragedy by Racine, based on the historical character and career of Mithridates circa 63 BCE. Closing with sorrow and lamentation and promises of a "search for vengeance". - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Mithridates, King of Pontus and of many other lands: [Greg Giordano]( Monima, betrothed to Mithridates, and already declared Queen: [Sonia]( Pharnaces, son of Mithridates: [Jenn Broda]( Xiphares, son of Mithridates: [Tchaikovsky]( Arbates, friend of Mithridates, and Governor of Nymphaeum: [ToddHW]( Phoedima, Friend of Monima: [WendyKatzHiller]( Arcas, Servant of Mithridates: [Joanna Michal Hoyt]( Stage Directions: [Alan Mapstone]( Editing: [ToddHW](
You are listening Mithridates by Jean Racine.
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