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Galahad Jones

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Dramatised by Australian playwright Arthur Adams from his book of the same name, this is labeled "A Comedy with a Tragic Tang". The author claims there is an alternative ending he wrote much against his will, but he declines to print it. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Galahad Jones: [Adrian Stephens]( Sibyl Beach: [Beth Thomas]( Pearl: [Devorah Allen]( The Butcher: [Son of the Exiles]( Edward Beach: [ToddHW]( The Doctor: [alanmapstone]( Kathie Jones: [TJ Burns]( Horace Lothian: [Tomas Peter]( A Young Man: [Leanne Yau]( Em. Jones: [Sonia]( Stage Directions: [MichaelMaggs]( Edited by: [ToddHW](
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