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Excuse Me! (Dramatic Reading)

1 - 01 - The Wreck of the Taxicab


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What happens when a mix of lovers get stuck together on a coast-to-coast train? Mainly hilarity. There is every kind of couple imaginable. One serviceman and his bride-to-be are trying desperately to get married but can't find a clergyman to perform the rites. They don't know that right in their midst is a preacher disguised as a man of the world so he and his wife can enjoy a carefree vacation. Then there is a drunk mourning his separation from the wife who just happens to be on the same train. There is even a confirmed bachelor who discovers that a confirmed spinster is his long-lost love from years ago. How these lives intertwine makes up the plot of this rollicking comedy. The piece contains racial slurs, which, although acceptable in the time and place of the story's setting, may offend modern listeners. (Summary by Bill Boerst)

Cast List:
Narrator, Portland Porter, Hudson, Shaw, Man, Voice One, Supposed Preacher, Fireman, Baumann, Waiter, Robber 2: Bill Boerst
Marjorie: Amanda Friday
Mallory: Larry Wilson
Cab Driver, Stranger: tiwo007
Clergyman, Charlie: David Olson
Porter, Gambler: cobbdb
Wedgewood: Greenman66
Ira: Nick Bulka
Conductor: Marty
Transfer Agent, Mrs Temple, Voice Two, Train Boy: TriciaG
Anne: Availle
Mrs Wellington: Shauna Kennett
Jimmie: Michele Eaton
Dr Temple: Brett W Downey
Mrs Fosdick: Micky
Fosdick. Robber 1: Zames Curran
Mrs Whitcomb: Beth Thomas
Man in Overalls: Arnaldo Machado
Ashton: ToddHW
Mrs Deacon: Victoria P
Kitty: Woolly Bee

Editor: Michele Eaton
Proof-Listeners: Bill Boerst & Michele Eaton

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