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Cupid's Whirligig

1 - Dramatis Personae


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Cupid's Whirligig is a city comedy: a play in colloquial language dealing with the everyday life of London's citizens. A knight, Sir Timothy Troublesome, suspects his wife of cheating on him and, to prove that any children she bears are not his own, decides to 'geld' himself. Meanwhile, the young Lord Nonsuch dreams of bedding the knight's wife, and in disguise enters the Troublesomes' employ as a servant. Cupid descends from the heavens to cast a love spell on the citizens of London and, by the last act, one character loves another, who loves another, and so on until the last loves the first: a "Cupid's whirligig". The knight's faithful servant, Wages, hatches a plot to match each man with his proper wife. - Summary by Rob Board
Narrator: Chuck Williamson
Cupid: Beth Thomas
Old Lord Nonsuch: alanmapstone
Alderman Venter: ToddHW
Sir Timothy Troublesome: Jason in Panama
Lady Troublesome: Sonia
Master Correction: Nigel Fisher
Mistress Correction: Availle
Peg, the Lady Troublesome's Kinswoman: Khand
Nan, Old Venter's Daughter: Leanne Yau
Nucome, a Welsh Courtier: Phil Birss
A Boy, Nucome's Page: ScarlettG
Four Scholars: Stoofy
Young Lord Nonsuch: Tomas Peter
Master Exhibition, the Inns-a-Court Man: ToddHW
Wages, the Knight's Servingman: Rob Marland
Servingman: Owen Cook
Edited by: Rob Marland

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