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Ben Hur (Dramatic Reading)

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In this dramatic reading of the classic epic Ben Hur, rediscover the wonder of three wise men who travel through the wilderness together. Thirty years later, Judah ben Hur accidentally looses a tile upon the head of the Roman governor and is sentenced to the galleys for life. When he escapes, he is caught up in his thirst for revenge against his accuser, Messala, and his search for the Messiah of his people, the King who is to come. As Judah learns more about this King, however, he begins to realize that the kingdom he is searching for may not be found in what he can see and the revenge he is seeking may not be found in the way that he expects. Summary by Esther ben Simonides Judah Ben Hur: Rupert Holliday
Messala: Matthew Travers
Balthasar: ToddHW
Melchior: Mark Chulsky
Gaspar: Donald Gilmore
Quintus Arrius: Rquade
Simonides: Larry Wilson
Malluch: Mark Chulsky
Sheik Ilderim: Ricky of Kokiri, David Olson
Judah's Mother: Kristin Gjerløw
Tirzah: Rachel
Esther, daughter of Simonides: Esther ben Simonides
Amrah: Vanessa Cooley
Iras, daughter of Balthasar: Adele de Pignerolles
Narrator: Adele de Pignerolles, Esther ben Simonides, Rachel, Christine Lehman, Lydia, Mike Justice, Chris Pyle

Other roles read by:
Esther ben Simonides, Rupert Holliday, Rachel, Rquade, Matthew Travers, Jason J. Fedelem, David Purdy, Elizabeth Travers, Andrew Travers, Kristin Gjerløw, Lydia, Twinkle, Beth Thomas, Leanne Yau, Joseph Tabler, Maggie Travers, Tom Penn, Kathrine Engan, Donald Gilmore, Eddy Sherman, Mary Ann, Mike Harris, David Olson, toadoftoadhall, Charlotte Duckett

Proof listening: Esther ben Simonides, Rachel

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