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1 - Little Women – Chapter 28


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All of us have our own favorite parts of a book which we love to read and re-read. The nicest part of this is that each time you read, you find something new to savor and remember. For those of us who haven't read some of the classics, a teaser in the form of a single chapter would probably be intriguing enough to want us to take up the book and start reading. _Favorite Chapters Collection 001_ is one such delicious tasting table! Ten chapters from some of the best known classics in English are available here and they're sure to delight not only those who have read the entire book but also those who are yet to do so. Kicking off with Part I Chapter I from Vol I of David Hume's _The History of England_, published in 1688, the collection gets off to a great start. Chapter I deals with the Britons, Romans, Saxons and the ancient kingdoms of Kent, Northumberland and East Anglia. Interesting tidbits of information about the Druids and their dominance through the power of fear and superstition are included. In complete contrast, you will smile a while with Chapter 28 from Dickens' _The Pickwick Papers_. This is the charming “Christmas Chapter” in which the Pickwickians travel to Dingley Dell. Other selections include an exciting chapter from _The Scarlet Pimpernel,_ a tender scene from Dumas' _La Dame Aux Camelias_ and a charming episode from _Little Women_ entitled “Domestic Experiences” in which the newly-married Meg discovers the bitter-sweet pleasures of managing a house. Chapters from _Barchester Towers_ and _Three Men in a Boat_ are included. Among the lesser-known books are _The Kalevala,_ a 19th century compilation of Finnish folklore in the form of runes or verses. A chapter from the last book that Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, _The Antichrist_, is also included. Great for browsing and a superb addition to your bookshelf!
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