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Little Bit of Fluff

1 - Act 1


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According to the website, this is the 5th longest running play ever, with over 1200 original performances. Like Charley's Aunt (number 2 on the list and released by Librivox earlier in 2018), this also is a farce. An insurance investigator, a possible fraudulent injury claim, a lost necklace, an aged aunt with a more than passing resemblance to someone else, and of course, that Little Bit of Fluff - all conspire to cause great confusion. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
JOHN AYERS: Tomas Peter
BERTRAM TULLY, His friend: Campbell Schelp
NIXON TRIPPETT, Inspector of Claims for the Motor ’Bus Company: Chuck Williamson
DR. BIGLAND, Also for the Motor ’Bus Company: ToddHW
PAMELA, Mrs. John Ayers: EmmaHatton
MAMIE SCOTT, From the Five Hundred Club: TJ Burns
AUNT HANNAH, Mr. Tully’s Aunt: Availle
URSULA, Mr. Tully’s Maid: Aleacia Messiah
CHALMERS, Mrs. Ayers’ Maid: Eva Davis
Stage Directions: Elisabeth Holland
Edited by: ToddHW

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