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Railway Children (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

1 - Dedication and Dramatis Personae


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Roberta, Peter and Phyllis are suddenly yanked out of their comfortable lives and removed to live in the country with only their mother and to "play at being poor". Will they ever again be allowed to have bread with butter AND jam? Why does mother spend all day frantically writing in her room? And what has happened to their father?

The Railway Children is one of Edith Nesbit's best-loved books. It has been made into five films and a musical. The story of three children making friends with everyone around them and doing their best to do good and to be good (but not always succeeding) contains no magic, but the warmth of Nesbit's storytelling permeates the book. - Summary by Beth Thomas and Wikipedia

Narrator: Peter Yearsley
Bobbie: Hannah Mary
Peter: Beth Thomas
Phyllis: Jasmin Salma
Mother: TJ Burns
Albert Perks (the Porter): axcel
Station Master: Tomas Peter
Dr Forrest: GRuss
The Old Gentleman: Algy Pug
Bill (the Engine Driver), Oldest Workman: David Lawrence
Jimmy The Hound, Jabez Inglewood, Clergyman, Workman 3: Eva Davis
Father: Tom Geller
Mrs Viney, Spot (Bill's dog), Draper's Boy: Foon
Mrs Ransome (the Post Office Lady), Ruth (the maid), Voice 3, Maria (Bill's Wife), The Hare (a college boy): Leanne Yau
Cart Man, Jim the Fireman, Farmer, Workman 1, Signalman, Blacksmith: Nemo
Young Man, Foreman: LikeManyWaters
Mr. Szezcpansky: tovarisch
Bill the Bargee: Son of the Exiles
Mrs Perks, Workman 2, Bailiff: Bhavya
Master Perks: TriciaG

Audio edited by: linny, and Devorah Allen

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