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Mary Frances Sewing Book

Download Sewing Bird Begins to Teach audio
Download The Long and Short of Basting audio
Download Sewing Bird Teases Dick Canary audio
Download The Stitch Grandma Learned audio
Download Blanket Stitch, and Its Sister audio
Download Sewing Bird Fairy Lady audio
Download A Doll's Laundry Bag audio
Download Mr. Silver Thimble and Mr. Emery Bag audio
Download Mary Frances' Treasure Box audio
Download Making a Doll's Apron audio
Download A Loan from the Thimble King audio
Download Three Little Kittens audio
Download A Surprise from Mother audio
Download Marie Marie's Handkerchief audio
Download A Nightie for Her Little Nap audio
Download Aunt Maria Makes a Visit audio
Download Can the Dolly Talk? audio
Download A "Dress-up" Dress audio
Download Marie Marie Goes Automobiling audio
Download Marie Marie Goes in Bathing audio
Download Muffs and Caps and Prettiest Traps audio
Download Who Stole Mary Marie's Clothes? audio
Download Mary Frances Visits Thimble Land audio
Download What Was in the Fairy Bag... audio
Download Mary Frances at Home audio

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This enchanting book was first published in 1913 “for all girls who love to make pretty things”. Meet Tommy Pin Cushion, Mr. Silver Thimble, Ma Chine, and many other delightful characters, along with the mysterious Needle-of-Don’t-Have-to-Try and the magic fairy lady, who truly serve to show that the best way to learn is through fun! Mary Frances, through the witty, jolly help of the Thimble People, learns easy step-to-step projects from basic stitches that gradually introduce simple patterns and projects to make a beautiful vintage wardrobe for a 16 inch doll. (Summary by DariaAM)

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