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#1 - Jumping Jehosophat

Jumping Kangaroo and the Apple Butter Cat

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Download The Ant’s Aunt Gives a Picnic audio
Download White Rabbit’s Cheese Scruple audio
Download About the Apple Butter Cat audio
Download Gray Mouse’s Rich Brother audio
Download At the Church Mouse’s Circus audio
Download Hoot Owl Invents Golf audio
Download How Ugly Dog Stopped the Car audio
Download Sly Fox Gets His Picture Taken audio
Download At Little Monkey’s Swimming School audio
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A classic children's story involving all kinds of animals who have adventures, competition and are always interested in food! Sometimes some animals don't get along very well, but at other times, they can become the best of friends and really help each other! Just like real children, they compete, argue a little, help each other, play and have fun. Usually there is always something to be learned as we explore together this unique animal world. (Summary by Laurie Banza)

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