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#1 - The Barbel

History of Esculent Fish

Download The Roach and The Shad audio
Download The Tench and The Trout audio
Download Of the Situation and Disposition of the Principal Waters audio
Download Of the Manner of making and raising Pond Heads audio
Download The Dimensions of Pond Heads audio
Download Of securing your Banks audio
Download Of the Manner of Working to raise a Pond Head audio
Download Of Auxiliary Waters audio
Download Of Other Auxiliary Waters audio
Download The Course of Laying the Great Waters Dry audio
Download Of Breeding of Fish audio
Download The Manner of Stocking Waters audio
Download Of the Manner of Feeding Fish audio
Download Of Disposing Your Increase of Fish audio
Download Of fishing for Carriage audio
Download Of Nurseries to Ponds and Fish audio
Download Of Frosts, and the Way to Save the Fish in Them audio
Download Of the Ordinary Benefits and Improvements by Fish audio
Download Of Benefits besides the Main Design audio
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Roger North, son of Dudley North, 4th Baron North, was a successful member of the bar and later member of parliament. But he had wide ranging interests from architecture to music. He has an avid collector of books and is best known as the biographer of the North family. Here we sample his interest in raising fish. He presents fifteen short sketches of esculent (edible) fish, and a longer essay as "A Discourse of Fish and Fish Ponds." - Summary by Larry Wilson

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