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Double Dealer

1 - Act 1


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"This remarkable melodrama [The Double Dealer] - for a comedy it can scarcely be called... Is it possible to imagine a more inextricable tangle? No human brain can keep the threads clear for two consecutive minutes.... What wonder if audiences were at first baffled and fatigued by the effort to follow the outs and ins of this Labyrinthine plot. Well may Lord Touchwood say: 'I am confounded when I look back, and want a clue to guide me through the various mazes of unheard-of treachery.' " - Summary by William Archer, editor, 1912

Cast list:
Maskwell, a villain; pretended friend to Mellefont, gallant to Lady Touchwood, and in love with Cynthia: Son of the Exiles
Lord Touchwood, uncle to Mellefont: Larry Wilson
Mellefont, promised to, and in love with Cynthia: Adrian Stephens
Careless, his friend: Tomas Peter
Lord Froth, a solemn coxcomb: Alan Mapstone
Brisk, a pert coxcomb: Mike Manolakes
Sir Paul Plyant, an uxorious, foolish old knight; brother to Lady Touchwood, and father to Cynthia: ToddHW
Lady Touchwood, in love with Mellefont: Matea Bracic
Cynthia, daughter to Sir Paul by a former wife, promised to Mellefont: Lydia
Lady Froth, a great coquette; pretender to poetry, wit, and learning: Devorah Allen
Lady Plyant, insolent to her husband, and easy to any pretender: Sonia
Saygrace, a chaplin: Algy Pug
Boy: ambsweet13
Footman: Algy Pug
Stage Directions: Dave Lantz
Editing: ToddHW

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