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#1 - Introductory Note

Sheriff Larrabee's Prisoner

Download 1 - No Hang-out; 2 - The Hosts Of The House audio
Download 3 - Larrabee Listens; 4 - Larrabee Wins His Bet audio
Download 5 - Left In The Rain; 6 - All Aboard audio
Download 7 - Public Opinion; 8 - Lavigne Learns A Lesson audio
Download 9 - Unforeseen Succor; 10 - The Key To The Door; 11 - The Whole Story audio

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The stranger rode up in the pouring rain to the lonely ranch house. Before dawn he was riding quickly away. Who had killed old Mr. Benton? The stranger, or Gus, or Mrs. Zellar? And why was Jack Montagne’s behavior so gentlemanly? Read this 1921 pulp western to find out. Max Brand was one of many pseudonyms used by Frederick Schiller Faust (1892 – 1944), an American author known primarily for his thoughtful and literary Westerns. - Summary by david wales

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