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1 - Biographical and Critical Introduction by A.E. Waite, part 1


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This is a 1903 translation of Étienne Pivert de Senancour's immensely influential work Obermann. Although it was almost completely ignored by the reading public when it was first published during the period of Napoleonic Wars in 1804, it was rediscovered almost 30 years later by the Romantics, praised by none less than Balzac and George Sand, as well as Franz Liszt and other illustrious persons of that time period.

Obermann is an epistolary novel in the form of a journal intime, in which the inner life of the main character is the most important element, rather than the physical action. The story spans ten years, in which Obermann describes historical events, the progress of philosophical ideas, and, most strikingly, his emotional development.

A.E. Waite succeeds to translate this work in a fittingly poetic way, transporting haunting images of loneliness, nausée, and lack of orientation. - Summary by Carolin

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