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Marietta: A Maid of Venice

1 - Chapter 1


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This swash-buckling, romantic story of Zorzi Ballarin and Angelo Beroviero, master glass-blowers of Murano, Italy in the 1500's, is not entirely fiction. Many of the works of these artizans are preserved in the Museum of Murano, including their discovery of the clear glass we know as "crystal". Giovanni Beroviero, the lesser artist and jealous son, did indeed write the damning letter which brought Zorzi to trial before the Council of Ten (the original letter is still preserved). The treasured colored glass formulas of Paolo Godi are real. Arisa the Georgian slave mistress is fictional, but beautiful Eastern slaves were indeed bought and sold in Italy for many centuries. The patriarchal society that kept women walled in was real, and the myriad gondolas plying the canals, and the palaces of Venice in which much of the story takes place, are still there. Francis M. Crawford has woven a riveting tale of intrigue that never slacks off from first word to last. ( ~ Author's note and Michele Fry, Soloist)

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