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As You Like It (version 3)

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Long theorized to be one of Shakespeare's mid-career works, As You Like It remains an evergreen favorite for audiences and scholars alike for its sparkling characters, pastoral setting, gorgeous prose and entertaining storylines that converge in fun and surprising ways. When several characters, including an elderly French duke, his headstrong daughter Rosalind, and Rosalind's handsome love interest Orlando, are forced to flee the kingdom and take refuge in the neighboring Forest of Arden, their adventures therein lead to a series of amusing encounters and mix-ups. Genders are reversed, courtships are developed, attractions are left unrequited, and the action reflected upon by the likes of witty fools and discontented courtiers. Who will end up with whom? Who will be left in the lurch? And will the pastoral chaos in Arden reach a satisfying resolution? You'll have to listen to find out!

And to perform it all? Three men (Craig Franklin, Tomas Peter, and Brad "Hamlet" Filippone) and one woman (Sonia), determined to give you a performance of Shakespeare's work that you will never forget. You thought you knew your Shakespeare? Well, think again! - Summary by Tomas Peter
Tomas Peter: Narrator; Orlando; Celia / Aliena; Silvius; Hymen; Sir Oliver Martext & Second Page.
Sonia: Rosalind / Ganymede; Phebe; Audrey; Amiens; Dennis; Jaques de Bois; Duke Senior’s First Lord & Duke Frederick’s First Lord.
Craig Franklin: Touchstone; Duke Senior; Duke Frederick; Adam; Charles & Forester.
Brad “Hamlet” Filippone: Jaques; Oliver; Corin; Le Beau; William; Duke Senior’s Second Lord; Duke Frederick’s Second Lord & First Page.

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