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Noel Coward explores the darker side of the roaring twenties in this early play. It focuses on an ageing beauty who uses affairs with younger men to keep her feeling relevant, and her son (originally played by Coward himself) who is back from Paris after a year performing as a pianist and acquiring a cocaine habit. Set in the effervescent world of the socialite set, with plenty of the wit and charm that Coward is known for, The Vortex is, nonetheless, a powerful depiction of people who struggle to be completely honest with themselves. - Summary by WendyKatzHiller

Cast List:
Preston: Lynette Caulkins
Helen Saville: Kelly S. Taylor
Pauncefort Quentin: ToddHW
Clara Hibbert: TJ Burns
Florence Lancaster: WendyKatzHiller
Tom Veryan: GlennProud3
Nicky Lancaster: ksb013
David Lancaster: James R. Hedrick
Bunty Mainwaring: Jenn Broda
Bruce Fairlight: Donald Gilmore
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson

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