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Unholy Three

1 - Chapter I


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Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up and put your eyes on the most bizarre crime spree you will ever bear witness to! See the broad-shouldered beast with titanic strength, the strongman Hercules! Hear the deranged and multi-faceted vocal gymnastics of the mad ventriloquist, Echo! Meet the most devious and cruel criminal mastermind you will ever have the misfortune to tangle with! He may be diminutive in size but his feats of mental frenzy will terrify your senses! Beware the dreaded dwarf, Tweedledee! Together they will cut a path of murder and mayhem everywhere they go! Pray you don't cross their path! Tod Robbins, author of the seminal short story "Spurs" which was adapted into the controversial and thrilling film Freaks, brings us another twisted tale of carnival folk gone bad! (Summary by Ben Tucker)
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