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Magnificent Adventure (Version 2)

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In The Magnificent Adventure-Being the Story of the World's Greatest Exploration and the Romance of a Very Gallant Gentleman, by Emerson Hough, the author takes us back to the dawning years of the United States of America. To the time of the Louisiana purchase. At the time Thomas Jefferson awarded Meriwether Lewis the honor of leading an expedition west.Distraught, our hero suffers knowing the love of his life, Theodosia, is now a married woman. Forever tormented, he accepts the duty asked by his President.Preparing to depart on one of the greatest adventures in the history of modern man, Meriwether is challenged to cease by none other than the woman whom he loves so dearly. Secretly doing so on her father’s behalf, Theodosia pleads for Meriwether to end the great adventure before it even begins. Her father, Aaron Burr, the Vice President of the United States and his foreign conspirators must stop the expedition at all costs.The story follows the expedition of Lewis and Clark. Detailing the overwhelming adversity of the men involved in this great adventure. From launching their boats in Pittsburgh, to embedding the American flag on the turbulent beaches of the great State of Oregon.Lewis and Clark return in victory. Return to honor and fame. For completing such a daunting task they are both awarded appointment to high office in payment of their sacrifice.But, the melancholy of Meriwether Lewis continues. Now Governor of the Louisiana territory, Meriwether embarks on his final journey. A journey that ends in mystery… (Summary by Claude Stewart)
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