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Daisy Chain, or Aspirations

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Join the endearing May family in small-town England as each member lives through some pivotal years. How will they face the changes that shake their family to the core? To quote the preface: "It would beg to be considered merely as what it calls itself, a Family Chronicle—a domestic record of home events, large and small, during those years of early life when the character is chiefly formed, and as an endeavour to trace the effects of those aspirations which are a part of every youthful nature." The following cast list (including nicknames) may be helpful when first meeting the large May family. Parents: Dick and Maggie, Children: Richard (May), Margaret, Flora, Norman (June), Ethel, Harry (July), Mary, Tom (August), Blanche, Aubrey, Gertrude Margaret (Daisy) (Summary by HannahMary)

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