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Book of the Ancient Greeks

1 - Pt 1 Ch 1: The Mediterranean World


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An Introduction to the History and Civilization of Greece from the Coming of the Greeks to the Conquest of Corinth by Rome in 146 B.C.

The spirit of a nation is expressed and its history is recorded in three ways: in its political history, in its literature and in its art. The aim of this book has been to use such parts of the political history of the Greeks, of their literature and of their art as seem to have been the outward and visible signs of the spirit that inspired them. - Summary from the subtitle and preface

Cast list for the play in Pt 2 Ch 14:
Iphigenia: WendyKatzHiller
Orestes, her brother: nzk13
Pylades, friend to Orestes: Greg Giordano
Thoas, King of Tauris: Alan Mapstone
A Herdsman: hmpecker
A Messenger: Andrew Gaunce
Chorus Leader: Devorah Allen
Chorus Member: BookBard
Athena: elmachina
Narrator: TriciaG

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