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Betrothed (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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One of the most famous Italian books in history, The Betrothed was written by Alessandro Manzoni in 1827. The two main characters, Renzo and Lucy, are engaged to be married when Lucy tragically disappears. Little does Renzo know that Lucy has been kidnapped by a criminal, The Unnamed, feared by all the people of Northern Italy, where the story is set. Despite the threat of death and the fear of never laying eyes on one another again, Renzo and Lucy maintain a deep love for each other throughout the book that displays the true sacrifice and commitment of marriage. The book was recommended by Pope Francis to engaged couples in 2015 as preparation for marriage. - Summary by Woolly Bee

Cast List:

Narrator: Mary J
Don Abbondio: Eduardo
Perpetua: Beth Thomas
Lucy: KHand
Renzo: Larry Wilson
Agnes: rosalinger
Don Roderick: bala
Father Christopher: Eduardo
Count Attilio: BeniaminoMassimo
Tony: Tomas Peter
Griso: Jason in Panama
Bortolo: John Burlinson
Giuseppe Ripamonti: Dillon McFarlane
The Unknown: K. Adrian Stroet
Cross-Bearer: Michele Eaton
Cardinal Federigo Borromeo: Larry Wilson
Tailor: Leanne Yau
Bravo 1: Johnny Alexander
Bravo 2: TriciaG
Voice 1: Kristin Gjerløw
Voice 2: Lydia
Voice 3: TriciaG
Angry Mob member 1: Kristin Gjerløw
Angry Mob member 2: Michele Eaton
Angry Mob member 3: TriciaG
Angry Mob member 4: Michele Eaton
Angry Mob member 5: Eva Davis
Angry Mob member 6: Sonia
Giuseppe Ripamonti: David Olson
Old Woman 2: TJ Burns

Various other roles read by: Woolly Bee, Joseph James, Bella Buss, Etel Buss, Joseph Tabler, TriciaG, Eduardo, Jason in Panama, Michele Eaton, Jessie Yun, Lydia, Leanne Yau, Gaby, David Purdy, Kathrine Engan, Melanie T, Sonia, Tomas Peter, April Walters, KHand, linny, rosalinger, Elijah, BeniaminoMassimo, Sarah Terry, Ashur Gharavi, Eva Davis, RecordingPerson, Zames Curran

Edited by: linny, Kim, TriciaG

Proof listeners: Mary J, Jeanie, nancymcdaniel87, Eduardo, Woolly Bee, Larry Wilson, Michele Eaton, Kim, and KHand

Co-BC for this project and Cast list compiled by linny

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