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Stories Of Balloon Adventure

1 - Chapter I - The First Balloons


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In the following pages will be found brief narratives of some of the more famous incidents and exciting episodes which mark the history of ballooning. No attempt has been made at a consecutive account of the progress of aerostation, and as far as possible no technical terms have been used, except those which were found to be absolutely essential to exactness in description. In the choice of incidents, I have been chiefly guided by the presence of adventure, and by the relative importance of the incident to the subject as a whole. (Preface by Frank Mundell - 1897). Stories of Balloon Adventure was one in a series of inspirational texts and ‘heroic writings of daring deeds’ by the Victorian author Frank Mundell and published by The Sunday School Union. Frank Mundell wrote a significant number of books for children (both boys and girls) and young adults and many of these were distributed and presented to them through their Sunday schools. (Steve C) - Summary by Steve C
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