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Madame Pepita is a dressmaker in Madrid with an inherited fortune and a secret. So naturally she worries about the motivations of the suitors for her daughter's hand. But perhaps she should pay attention to other concerns as well. This play was made into a BBC movie in 1952. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Madame Pepita, aged 38: Availle
Catalina, aged 17: Jenn Broda
Galatea, aged 25: Matea Bracic
Carmen, aged 28: Devorah Allen
Cristina, aged 16: Sonia
A Sewing Girl, aged 20: Son of the Exiles
Don Guillermo, aged 40: Adrian Stephens
Alberto, aged 22: Tomas Peter
Don Luis, aged 55: ToddHW
Augusto, aged 25 : Andrew Gaunce
Andres, aged 30: David Purdy
Stage directions: MichaelMaggs

Bạn đang nghe Madame Pepita - Gregorio Martínez Sierra.
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