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Idler In The Wilds

1 - Chapter 1 - In The Home Of The Sedge-Warbler


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Although he was well known around the South Downs in West Sussex as 'The Bee-man of Burpham', Tickner Edwardes also had a great affinity for all aspects of nature and the countryside and authored a number of books related to these areas of interest.
Anyone who has a passion for natural history and in particular bird life will hopefully find the observant and descriptive sketches presented here, in one of Tickner Edwardes' early publications, of particular interest.
It would also be worth checking out the ebook to view the numerous photographs and graphics of the birds and country scenes that accompany and compliment the text. (Summary by Steve C)
* 'Under the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me, And tune his merry note Unto the sweet bird's throat, Come hither, come hither, come hither: Here shall he see No enemy But winter and rough weather' (Epigraph taken from As You Like It by William Shakespeare)

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