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Cymbeline (Version 2)

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Cymbeline is one of the last plays Shakespeare wrote, classified by scholars as a late romance or comedy. It's famous for featuring a highly convoluted plot that oftentimes feels like a grab bag of elements from Shakespeare's greatest hits: we have virtuous lovers, a temperamental monarch, a conniving stepmother, an untrustworthy Italian, an arrogant clod, kidnapped siblings, cross-dressing, battles, a devious murder plot, and (of course) some shocking plot twists.

And to perform it all? Three men (Tony Addison, Craig Franklin, and Tomas Peter) and one woman (Sonia), determined to give you a performance of this oft-neglected piece that you will never forget. You thought you knew your Shakespeare? Well, think again! - Summary by Tomas Peter

Cast List
Sonia: Narrator; Imogen; Queen; Soothsayer; Jupiter; Second British Captain; Frenchman; First Gaoler & Musicians.
Tony Addison: Cymbeline; Cloten; Iachimo; Arviragus; Roman Captain; British Lord; Mother; Second Brother; First Lady & Second Roman Senator.
Tomas Peter: Posthumus Leonatus; Guiderius; Caius Lucius; Cornelius; First Lord; Second Gentleman; Lady Helen; First Roman Senator; First Brother & Attendant.
Craig Franklin: Belarius; Pisanio; Philario; Second Lord; First Gentleman; Sicilius; First British Captain; Second Gaoler; First Tribune & Messenger.

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