Sách nói: Battles for the Stars (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. III)

Battles for the Stars (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. III) cover

Battles for the Stars (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. III)

1 - 'Strain' by L. Ron Hubbard


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I: ‘Strain’ by L. Ron Hubbard Captured! Crucial battle intel! But will they crack? II: ‘The Sling and the Stone’ by Michael Shaara An obsessed Soviet commander has come up with the most devastating weapon the world has ever seen. What of the scientist who must put the order to destroy the USA into practice? III: ‘Slaughter on Dornell IV’ by Ivar Jorgensen One of the galaxy's greatest professional fighters. But is his agent so sly as to pit him against an opponent that could kill him? IV: ‘The Hour of Battle’ by Robert Sheckley Waiting for the mind killers to strike in the depths of deep space! What's to be done? V: ‘Defense Mech’ by Ray Bradbury The soldier's going mad! There's no time for ethics; tell him his home on Earth and throw him into battle. The result? Let Ray Bradbury tell you. VI: ‘The Invisible Enemy’ by Arnold Castle Is sending the world's teenagers out to the grim battlefields truly the answer to achieve peace? VII: ‘Navy Day’ by Harry Harrison Futuristic machines provide intriguing end results. VIII: ‘Belly Laugh’ by Ivar Jorgensen Futuristic machines provide embarrassing end results. IX: ‘Hunter Patrol’ by Henry Beam Piper and John J. Mcguire ‘They just voted him into power. And the world into slavery. It is almost blasphemous to say anything against him. He has deprived all of us of our political and other liberties’. With the great mission complete, Benson returns to the battlefield. Naturally, the war concludes, and Benson enters into business, coming upon a method of ending all war. But time itself might have something to say about it... X: ‘Bridge Crossing’ by Dave Dryfoos Robbie must choose loyalty to robot or to man in this dystopian tale, featuring a perilous chase across the Golden Gate Bridge. XI: ‘Keep Your Shape’ by Robert Sheckley The ship approaches, a vanguard to an invasion! The problem? The scout party lacks discipline! They can’t…keep their shape. XII: ‘Project Hush’ by William Tenn A secret mission - so very secret - the first people on the moon! (yes, this story is that old) - but what will they find there? XIII: ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ by Robert Sheckley The alien ambassador MUST not return to their planet to tell of Earth; humanity has no chance against invaders! But how to kill the ambassador? (Summary by The Reader)
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