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Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador

1 - Leonidas Hubbard, Jr.


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Mina Benson Hubbard set out in 1905 on a 576 mile canoe journey across the interior of Labrador with the assistance of four guides. Her husband Leonidas Hubbard had perished in an attempt to make the same trip in 1903 while working as a writer for an outdoor magazine. Mrs Hubbard was the first person to accurately map the river routes her expedition followed. The story of her journey is followed at the end of the book by her husband's diary of his ill-fated trip and an account by George Elson of his efforts to save himself and his companions, and ultimately to recover Mr Hubbard's body.
A map of Labrador made by Mrs. Hubbard during her travels can be found on this page - Summary by Zach Hoyt

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