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Web of Indian Life

1 - The Setting of the Warp


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The Web of Indian Life, written by Sister Nivedita (Irish-born Margaret E. Noble) and published in 1904, is a collection of essays that describes India at the turn of the 20th century. “What a beautiful old world it was in which I spent those months! It moved slowly, to a different rhythm from anything that one had known. It was a world in which a great thought or intense emotion was held as the true achievement, distinguishing the day as no deed could. It was a world in which men in loin-cloths, seated on door-sills in dusty lanes, said things about Shakespeare and Shelley that some of us would go far to hear. It was full of gravity, simplicity, and the solid and enduring reality of great character and will.” (quote from Chapter 1 of The Web of Indian Life)

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