Аудиокнига: Sin of Monsieur Antoine, Volume 1

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Sin of Monsieur Antoine, Volume 1



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This two volume book is a novelized social commentary of this famous author. It sets in play characters and events that bring to life her views that "Attempts to form workingmen's associations have been made, however, among the best informed, the most moral, the most patient portion of the industrial population of the large cities. Enlightened governments, whatever their motto, will always protect these associations, because they offer a refuge to the genuinely social and religious thought of the future. Probably imperfect at their birth, they will perfect themselves in time, and when it is clearly proved that they do not destroy, but, on the contrary, preserve respect for family and property, they will insensibly lead to reciprocity among all classes, and to a union of interests and attachments,—the only path of safety open to the society of the future. "(quoted from Preface by George Sand) - Summary by Christine Rottger

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