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Harvester (Version 2)

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David Langston (a.k.a. the Harvester) is 26 years old and lives a simple life in the Midwest with his dog, cultivating and harvesting trees, plants and herbs near his home that he sells as medicinal ingredients to pharmaceutical houses. When the first bluebird arrives each spring David traditionally asks his dog whether he should remain a bachelor or find a wife. For the first time in six years the dog “advises” him to find a wife. The Harvester is not happy with this advice but that night he has a vision of a very beautiful dark-haired woman in white who slowly walks towards him and bestows a kiss. This vision immediately changes the Harvester’s perspective of his life and he then sets out on a single-minded quest to find this unknown woman whom he is certain will become his wife. But David finds that his pursuit of love is not a straightforward journey.

Gene Stratton-Porter endowed the Harvester with strength, honesty, kindness and "always do the right thing" attitude. Many have likened him to Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice fame. The Harvester’s love interest, Ruth, must learn how to love, and be loved, more deeply than she could ever imagine. And with her sharp tongue, Granny dispenses much-needed advice on love and relationships.

The Harvester was the #1 selling novel in 1912. The story was made into a silent movie in 1927.
(Summary by Warren Kati)

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