Аудиокнига: Social Life in England 1750-1850

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Social Life in England 1750-1850

1 - Lecture 1: Life in the Eighteenth Century Illustrated by the Career of John Wesley, Pt. 1


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In 1916, the Cambridge historian, F.J. Foakes-Jackson braved the wartime Atlantic to deliver the Lowell Lectures in Boston. In these wide-ranging and engaging talks, the author describes British life between 1750-1850. There are John Wesley's horseback peregrinations over thousands of miles of English countryside. Next, Foakes-Jackson introduces the mordant rural poet, George Crabbe, who began life as a surgeon apothecary and ended up as a parish rector who made house calls. He gives us a female convict, assorted Cambridge University dons, Regency fops and rakes, and Victorian slices of life from Dickens and Thackeray. In the last lecture we barrel over hedges and fences and through muddy lanes in headlong chase of the fox. (Pamela Nagami, M.D.)

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