Аудиокнига: Ring for Nancy: A Sheer Comedy

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Ring for Nancy: A Sheer Comedy

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Major Edward Brent Foster is on his way to a house in the country to stay with his aunt and uncle. So are his fiancée Olympia Peabody, his actress friend Flossie Delamare, and the novelist Juliana Kerr Howe, with whom he has a complicated relationship. To make matters more awkward, the house in question is that of Lady Mary Savylle, the major’s former lover. And as if that weren't enough, the revelation of a secret panel allowing guests’ rooms to communicate has the potential to lead to some compromising situations. Can the major keep Miss Peabody’s jealousy at bay? Will chaos ensue, or can the canny Nancy, Lady Savylle’s maid, maintain order in the household? (Summary by Scarbo)

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