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"Kangaroo" is the nickname of a character in this novel, Benjamin Cooley, who was a charismatic leader in the fascist movement of ex-soldiers who fought in the Australian army in WWII. The story's main character is an international journalist, Richard Lovat Somers who, with his wife, comes to rent a house next door to Jack Calcott and his wife who are natural-born Australians through-and-through. Jack is in league with Kangaroo and tries to persuade Lovat to join their political movement conflicting with the Socialist political faction in the country. Throughout this book, there is an undercurrent of vaguely defined "Generalized Love" which borders closely on homosexuality between the otherwise testosterone-saturated Australian men. Action-wise: There are riots and gunfights; but there are also moments of great tenderness of the men for their wives. Both Jack and Lovat dearly want to become "leaders of men", but Lovat backs away when he is recruited to join in an espionage campaign against the Socialists. Another undercurrent which muddies the waters for Lovat is that he is a true British citizen and thus resented by the Australians. (Summary by williamjones)

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