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Foliage (version 2)

1 - Thunderstorms


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W.H.Davies was born in Newport, South Wales. He had a difficult childhood and spent several years in the US as a tramp or hobo. He spent one winter moving between jails in Michigan under the ‘boodle’ system; an illicit system where a tramp could make an arrangement to be housed in a prison without being an actual prisoner. He later lost his right foot below the knee after a failed attempt to jump a freight train in Ontario on a journey to the Klondike to try to make his fortune.
On his return to the UK he continued to live rough or in doss-houses for some time, before eventually settling down with his wife Helen and moving on to a quiet and happy life.
Poetry was his staple throughout his life and he was eventually recognised for his talents.
Much of his poetry reflects on themes of hardship and the natural world.
Summary by Craig Franklin

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