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Debits and Credits

1 - The Enemies to Each Other


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This is a collection of short stories, poems, and play fragments published in 1926. Many of them are set during World War I. Many have strong references to the Masonic Lodge and its "brethren." The odes attributed to Horace are actually poems written by Kipling imitating the old Roman style.

Note: Some of these stories contain outdated attitudes and racial stereotypes. Section 7, "The United Idolaters," and section 13, "The Prophet and the Country," contain racial terms objectionable to many listeners.

Cast list for Gow's Watch (both scenes)
Narrator: Larry Wilson
Gow: Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
Ferdinand: Amos Buchanan
Priest of the Mountain Men: Beeswaxcandle
Princess: Elsie Selwyn

Cast list for "The Supports"
Narrator: Larry Wilson
Powers and Gifts: Tweetmeow12
Toils: TriciaG
Glories: Alan Mapstone
Services and Loves: Agnes Robert Behr
Patiences: James R. Hedrick
Hopes: Elsie Selwyn
Faiths: Jenn Broda

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