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Cinnamon and Angelica

1 - Act 1


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"Was ever love like this? If verily there was, why was it not set down in story or in song? Or were they dumb on whom it did descend? Or has it been that lover's speech is like the nightingales, heard, but for ever lost to mortal ear till yet another angel-voice uplifts the earth into the sky?" A poetic drama in which the forces of the Peppercorns face the forces of the Cloves. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Cinnamon - Prince of the Peppercorns: Greg Giordano
Mace - The Colonel-in-Command of the Peppercorn Army: miaroy
Marjoram - Captain of Halberdiers to Angelica: Chuck Williamson
Angelica - Princess of the Cloves: Jenn Broda
Caraway - Mistress of the Bedchamber to Angelica: Dawn Sutton
Vanilla Bean - Housekeeper to Cinnamon: Marie Christian
An Orderly to Captain Marjoram: David Purdy
Stage Directions and Editing: ToddHW

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