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Broken Hearts

1 - Act 1


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Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fame also wrote non-musical plays without Sullivan as a partner. Here is a dramatic play far afield from the comedy musicals we often think of when we hear Gilbert's name: Prince Florian of Spain arrives on The Island of Broken Hearts, peopled by "we maidens all (save one [their dwarf protector]) [who] have dearly loved, and those we loved have died. We, broken hearts, knit by the sympathy of kindred woe, have sought this isle far from the ken of man; and having loved, and having lost our loves, stand pledged to love no living thing again." Fairies and magic lead to self-understanding, showing that Gilbert can well handle more serious material than you may think. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Prince Florian: Tomas Peter
Mousta, a deformed dwarf: ToddHW
The Lady Hilda: Sonia
The Lady Vavir, her sister: thestorygirl
The Lady Melusine: Eva Davis
The Lady Amanthis: Jenn Broda
Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs
Editing: ToddHW

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