Аудиокнига: Aunt Jane's Hero (Version 2)


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Aunt Jane's Hero presents to the reader a hero's journey and romance different from the cliché, addressing not an idealized picture of love and life, but rather a picture that includes not just the beautiful but also the sorrows and unpleasantries of life as well. Though set in a time long past, in a context that may be unfamiliar to many, the tale is nevertheless one filled with timeless lessons and experiences familiar in some respect to all. In this tale we journey with Horace as he steps from boyish carelessness into the varied stages of adulthood, and experiences both the joys and trials those bring. Through it all, he is supported by the wisdom, love, and prayers of Aunt Jane -- she who is as a mother to him, and who has herself known both much joy and much pain, and has borne the pain and found the joys through faith in Christ. - Summary by Drew Brentson

Вы слушаете Aunt Jane's Hero (Version 2) - Elizabeth Prentiss.
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