Аудиокнига: Old-Fashioned Girl (Version 3 Dramatic Reading)

Old-Fashioned Girl (Version 3 Dramatic Reading) cover

Old-Fashioned Girl (Version 3 Dramatic Reading)

1 - Preface and Dramatis Personae


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When country girl Polly Milton comes to visit her friend Fanny Shaw, city life isn’t all she had hoped it would be. Thrown in the middle of a dysfunctional family, Polly remembers the teachings of her wise mother, and does her best to plant seeds of cheerfulness, honesty, and respect -- and teaching virtue by example.
Four years later, Polly returns to scratch out a living as a music teacher, but finds herself mixed up in much more than piano lessons. Through heartache and love triangles, temptation and tragedy, Polly’s story shows that even the dreams of old-fashioned girls can come true.

Cast List:
Narrator: Christine Lehman
Polly Milton: Hannah Mary
Fanny Shaw: BookAngel7
Tom Shaw: Tomas Peter
Maud Shaw: Laura Riley
Mr. Shaw: Greg Giordano
Mrs. Shaw: KHand
Grandma Shaw: Beth Thomas
Mr. Sydney: Daniel Metivier

Additional characters voiced by Adele de Pignerolles, April6090, Ashur Gharavi, Devorah Allen, Esther ben Simonides, Jasmin Salma, Leanne Yau, lorda, Stacy Simon, thestorygirl, TJ Burns, toadoftoadhall, and Twinkle

Audio edited by fiddlesticks, Maria Kasper, and Rachel

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